Neal Ford Keynote - Quite entertaining

Here's a link to an awesome keynote speech delivered by someone who I'm a big fan of, Neal Ford.

Relax! It's hosted on this German site so no I'm not trying to give you spyware. Then again if your browser can infect your computer because of visiting a site you probably deserve it.

I really liked this presentation. A lot of this stuff really hit home with me. The O'REALLYS Accidental Complexity book was terrific. I had to hear the term "NextGen" all year last year. Blowhard Jamboree? Brilliant. It's just great.

I had a stronger than usual dose of the daily wtf at work and this presentation actually prevented me from hitting the bottle immediately at 5pm. Perhaps the serenity it was able to grant me could save some other livers... or marriages.

Everyone should stop occasionally to ask themselves, WWNFD?

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