Chicago Clojure Meetup

There's no doubt that I loves me some Clojure. Just listening to guys talk about though it honestly makes me feel like I never took a college comp sci course and I love it for that. Who would have known LISP would ultimately rule the world! Lispers, I guess.

When Michael Norton asked if I'd like to help out with the Chicago Clojure group I was quick to hop on board. Now, I'm no Phil Hagelberg, but few are? All I know is that playing around in FP land was a wonderful and eye opening experience after being nose to the grind in Java's OO for many years. I can't wait to get these rolling on a regular basis.

So sign up for for the group and bring your self down on May 19th. We are taking recommendation on topics so please suggest something or vote for what you want to hear about.

Plus, there will be pizza!

(I in no way guarntee the availability of pizza at the Chicago Clojure meetings). 

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