Time to dust this thing off.

So where have I been?

New job. New marital status. New layer of skin (after Jamaican Sun peeled off the first layer). Most exciting to you (my 2 followers (and Minella's RSS feed)). New languages! New technologies! All that jazz.

Since joining Thoughtworks (yay), I've been using a lot of Ruby. I've tried to do Ruby several times in the past but never had the opportunity to do anything non-trivial. The last time I tried to use Ruby was with Gunnar Morling's Sriptable DBUnit DataSet for the Maven/Cargo/Tomcat/H2/Selenium automated web test stack that I never blogged about.

So what I will be talking about in the near future is my experiences of turning to the world of Ruby, which has so far involved the battery of RSpec, Rack, Sinatra, Rake (yes Rake), Passenger, Bundler, Shotgun as well as MongoMapper since we are using MongoDB as our datastore. We needed to make use of geospatial indexing and  MongoDB did one hell of a job against PostGIS for our use case. Although I do love SQL and relational as well as multidimensional data modeling , my first No-SQL experience has been undeniably great.

Hopefully I'll find some time to pretty this generic template up as well. Stay tuned!

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